Friday, July 18, 2008

The Economics of College Football

Please forgive me for being a copy cat but I saw something on another blog, commenting on the economic down turn and the impact it is having on some school's tickets sales. The two Florida state schools are hurting, according to the blog. I find it surprising that UF would be having a hard time selling tickets when they are legitimate National Championship contenders. We have all read about the the FSU-TCC debacle, I think that FSU's ticket woes can be linked to the fact, they SUCK!!!

I want to get to the real point of the matter. I am well aware of the economic times facing our nation. Things are not great, I am not going to get into the politics of the economy but there are a lot of people facing tough choices.

I am going to sound elitist but from a Clemson perspective this could be the best Clemson team we have seen since I moved back to Atlanta in 1992. This is the best chance Clemson has a chance to make it to the BCS since its inception and if you think I am going to let gas prices allow me to miss being apart of this season, you are stupid. In an age where politicians are raising $52 million dollars in a month, people are standing in line for a new $200 dollar phone, and stood in another line at starbucks prior to the phone line where they paid $8 for a coffee, I am sorry friends somewhere along the way you can scratch up the money to make it to attend college football games.

I am no economist but there is a concept I remember from my one college econ class called opportunity cost, dealing with what you give up in return for something else. We make decisions on daily basis based on perceived return on investment. I am not going to risk having a situation where 5 years from now we are having a conversation and being yeah, gas prices kept me from going to any of the games, when I could have brought my lunch for a week and bought an extra tank of gas. I understand that some of you who are reading this do indeed have families or a wife which forces you to make different decisions but for me, durn that I live for Saturdays in the fall and if that means I have to hangout in DC and not do as much during the rest of the year because I want the opportunity to be in the stands as much as possible to possibly witness history, so be it.